Changing the lighted trackball or accent lighting colors

There are two ways to change the color of a lighted trackball. The first is using the small remote included with compatible trackballs that is stored in the keyboard drawer of an arcade, or next to the keyboard behind the front access door on Cabaret model arcades. Typically the buttons on the remote that controls the trackball lighting will work while it is still held in place by its Velcro.

If the trackball does not seem to be responding to the remote, it may need to be temporarily detached from the Velcro and pointed towards the trackball from a higher angle. If the battery needs to be replaced, the tab on the side of the battery compartment can be pushed in then the battery mount can be removed. This remote uses a CR2032 style battery.

The second method available on all lighted trackballs is the button on the bottom of the trackball itself. Pressing this will change the current color of the trackball, while holding it for around two seconds will toggle the mode it is in. The different modes are solid colors, flashing two colors at two different speed settings, and a final mode that rotates between every color.

This button can be difficult to reach due to it being located inside the control panel of the arcade. For older arcades that lacked the remote functionality, a lever will have been attached to the bottom of the trackball so that this button can be pressed more easily while the control panel remains in place.

Changing settings for RGB accent lighting works similarly to the trackball. The remote for accent lights is typically white, and will need to be removed from the keyboard drawer to point towards the sensor located to the bottom right of the arcade’s monitor.