Turning the arcade on and off

To turn on the arcade, just plug in it's power cable to any standard outlet and press the black arcade button located on the back on our upright models, or underneath the Player 3 controls on our 4 player cocktail model.

To properly shut down the arcade:

  1. Exit any game that might be open. This is usually done by pressing the red Exit button.
  2. A few games have an exit menu that may appear requiring further button presses. Usually all that is required to confirm closing the game is using the player 1 joystick to move a selection to confirm, the exit, then pressing the lighted blue button.
  3. In the Dream Arcades menu, you can hold the lighted red Exit button to shortcut into the settings menu In Settings there is a Shut Down command.
  4. Alternatively, locate the black button located either on the back of the arcade for upright models, or under the player 3 controls on the cocktail model arcade and press it once while in the menu or on the Windows desktop.

Our Vision 29, Vision 32, and Vision 40 model arcades also come with a rocker switch near the power socket. This is included for convenience and does not need to be toggled on or off for regular use. 

Dream Arcades uses Windows based PCs. Do not shut down your arcade by toggling the rocker switch or unplugging the power while it is turned on or damage may occur.