Windows 11 computer update

If your arcade uses a Windows 10 based PC and is currently connected to the internet, it may go into a Windows 11 update prompt rather than the Dream Arcades menu on startup. There have been a few different variations of this screen, but all have so far offered to decline or delay the update.

While we have not finished fully testing Windows 11 on our arcades to make sure it is 100% compatible, there have been no issues in playing games or using our software in the testing so far. Due to the changes made to the Windows interface, we do currently suggest declining the update for the time being for support and instructions. If your arcade has been updated to Windows 11 and you need support, please inform us in your support request so we know if any changes in our instructions might be needed.

To make choices in the prompt, use your arcade's trackball to move the mouse cursor and the black button to its upper left to click on options. These prompts are designed to generally make the accept option more visible, so look for a text link for "Keep Windows 10" or similar. It may take several confirmations with different text but the update can be delayed until later. We'll be updating our site in the future for relevant changes and information when able.